Your first time?

Being naked for the first time in a social or sexual setting with other guys may be daunting for you. This is perfectly natural and many people are nervous about their first time. Here are a few tips to help you have a fun time:

  1. Realise that being nervous is perfectly normal. The good thing is that after a few minutes with other naked guys most people feel completely relaxed, and you will notice how wearing less can actually be liberating.
  2. In terms of party preparation, there is only one: Please shower. Obviously, there is no need to worry about what to wear. Only the person at the door, usually the host, will see it! It’s actually easier than going to bar, right?
  3. Please come at the time indicated. This avoids the host having to get dressed for everyone when opening the door.
  4. If it is your first time, or you are very nervous, you can always ask the host if you can arrive a little earlier than the other people. That way you can get comfortable first and you won’t have to enter a room full of naked people, something that many guys get very nervous about.
  5. When you arrive, in most cases, you will be asked to undress before entering the party area. You can store your belongings in a bag (usually provided) or a safe area.
  6. Remember your camera, mobile phone or any other recording device are not allowed inside the party area!
  7. After arrival, get comfortable. Usually there will be something to drink – so help yourself to a drink and have a look around.
  8. Why not speak to some of the people there? You’ll find most guys are friendly and welcoming, and being naked removes many barriers we have.
  9. It is perfectly fine to say that it is your first time and you are somewhat nervous. In fact, it can be a great opening line!
  10. Many guys are nervous about getting an erection. The simple answer to that is don’t be. An erection is healthy and natural.
  11. Depending on the party, there may be a “social area” where guys are hanging out, chat, play games etc. There may also be a “play area” for when you want to have sex. Please respect these and ask your host if you are not sure.
  12. If it is a “sexual and social” party, please bring some lube and condoms (your host may provide some, but may not have enough for everyone!).
  13. If there is a play area, please use this for playing only – and use the social area for chatting to other guys and other activities.¬† Always remember: “no” means “no”, and this includes touching, watching etc..
  14. Smoking may not be permitted in someone’s home. If you want to smoke, please ask if it is ok before lighting up – or if a smoking area is provided.
  15. When you are ready to leave, please locate the host of the party and ask him to let you out.