Gay Nudist visitor to Portugal

Welcome to Portugal – Europe’s sexy little secret on the East Coast.

Portugal offers many attractions to gay and bisexual guys and is a very tolerant and friendly country. Often perceived as socially conservative, Portugal has, in fact, made huge progress in the last few years, both in terms of public acceptance and laws. This is especially true in urban centres such as Lisbon and Porto. In Lisbon, the largest Pride festival of the country takes over the central “Praca do Commercio” for a day each year, attracting thousands of revelers who party until the early morning. Portugal also has some of the most comprehensive legal rights for gay people in the world: Civil unions have existed since 2001 and marriage equality exists since 2010.

Whether you are visiting for a few days or are coming to stay, here are a few tips for gay nude visitors to get started.

Nude/Gay Beaches
Portugal has a number of gay and/or nude beaches. Here is a list of gay beaches around the Lisbon area – including directions how to get there. The most famous is Beach 19, which is also one of the top gay beaches in Europe. It is large, popular and has a very active cruising area.
For more beaches, check out’s listing of naturist beaches. You’ll see there are plenty of beaches along the coast!

While Portuguese beaches are among the most beautiful beaches in the world, the country has much more to offer: from breathtaking mountains, scenic villages and natural parks to the arid plains of the Alentejo. Did you know you can even go skiing in Portugal?

Being naked anywhere else but the beach…
Obviously there are many more places to get naked (not only for gay men) in Portugal: private parties such as ours, bars such as Drako and Bar Cru in Lisbon, saunas, swimming pools with naturist sessions, naturist camping grounds, clothing optional hotels etc… (see our links section for more details).
Please note that, as far as we know, public nudity is not permitted everywhere. While the Portuguese are very tolerant and friendly, please be discreet and exercise caution.