Where are your events?

Most events are in members private homes. Some maybe in other places. Please see the event description for details.

What guys come to your events?

This varies from event to event. We generally welcome any guys from 18 to … , who act respectful and considerate and enjoy hanging out naked with other guys.

Do I have to be naked?

Yes, unless otherwise indicated in the event description.

I’m not fit, will I feel out of place?

No. We are a body-positive group of guys and welcome men of all shapes and sizes.

What happens if I get excited?

Having an erection is natural and healthy.

What is the difference between “social” and “social and sexual” nudity?

Events labelled as “social nudity” are not expected to have a sexual component. During “social and sexual” events, sexual contact is accepted and/or encouraged. For example, the host may provide a play room, in addition to a social area.

Can I stay overnight?

This depends on the host. Sometimes there may be the possibility for a limited number of guys to stay overnight. Please ask!

How can I become a member?

Please see here.

It is my first time…

We understand that attending your first naked event can be challenging. See here for some tips. Please contact the host if it is your fist event, as most hosts will be happy to welcome you first. We also plan regular “newbie only” events. So keep an eye open for those!

Can I take pictures during the event?

No. The use of cameras or mobile phones is strictly prohibited.

I’m visiting. Will I be welcome?

Of course! Please contact the webmaster for more information of what is happening during your stay and how to join. Also, don’t forget to check out our page for gay nudist visitors to Portugal!